Aldous Huxley: A Private Collection

This new catalogue of Aldous Huxley first editions presents the full breadth of the author's literary output, from the early poetry with which he started his career, such as The Burning Wheel and The Defeat of Youth, to his later novels and essays for which he is most well known.

Included here are a number of signed limited editions of many of Huxley's finest works, including the likes of Point Counter Point, Leda, and Brave New World. Also offered here are signed limited editions of his essay collections, from his travel writing in Beyond the Mexique Bay, to his musings on war, nationalism and religion in Ends and Means, and some reflections on the relationship between science and fiction, Literature and Science.

Also offered in this catalogue is the noted rarity in Huxley's canon, Jonah, an early collection of poetry privately printed in a run of just 50 copies by the author for distribution to his friends.

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Aldous Huxley: A Private Collection

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