Graham Greene: A Private Collection

In this new catalogue, you will find Graham Greene first editions spanning his entire literary career, from his wife Vivien's personal copy of his first book, Babbling April, to a fine copy of The Last Word, published the year before his death. 

From the intervening years can be found a range of exceptionally rare volumes, including After Two Years, a collection of eight poems written for his lover Catherine Walston to commemorate 24 months of their affair, and For Christmas, a second collection of love poems written for Walston and privately printed in a run of just 12, of which just three are known to exist: Greene's own, Catherine's own, and this copy. In addition, there are copies of some of his greatest works, such as Brighton Rock and The Power and the Glory in the scarce dustwrappers.

The catalogue also includes a number of presentation copies of Greene's later works, inscribed to some of his closest friends. Among these are a copy of The Potting Shed given to the film director John Sutro and his fashion designer wife Gillian, with an inscription describing it as a "play that I don't like"; copies of A Visit to Morin and A Sense of Reality inscribed to the journalist and Brontë biographer Margaret Lane; and privately printed copies of The Virtue of Disloyalty and A Wedding Among the Owls given as Christmas cards to the opthalmologist James Hudson and his Wife Margaret.

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Graham Greene: A Private Collection

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