A Collection of Vintage American Cookery Pamphlets


A Collection of Vintage American Cookery Pamphlets - ,


A collection of 19 pamphlets issued by a variety of American food and kitchen equipment suppliers. Generally in very good condition, one pamphlet with slightly ragged edges. Housed in green cloth box.

Popular from the 1870s to the middle of the 20th century, these recipe pamphlets were issued by food and equipment suppliers who could achieve brand name exposure whilst coaxing women back into the kitchen with new and exciting ways to use their products and were often included in food packages or could be sent away for. "Through these pamphlets, you can trace the constant, but evolving, idealization of the American housewife". This new marketing tool became increasingly elaborate in design "The earliest ones had drab, plain covers printed on cheap pulp paper .. but that changed by 1900, with the introduction of coloured ink." [S.J. Norman]

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A Collection of Vintage American Cookery Pamphlets - ,

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