Specialist Catalogue: Errol Le Cain

Errol Le Cain’s artwork has always seemed as though it belonged to an earlier time. His detailed drawings bear the inheritance of the Golden Age of the Illustrated Gift Book, and the influences of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Victorian Orientalism and Asian puppet theatres. 


Certainly his books would have benefitted from being published in the early part of the twentieth century, and it is no great stretch to imagine these vibrant drawings tipped onto hand made paper, nestled underneath printed tissue guards, and issued in elaborate editions de luxe, adorned in vellum and gilt. A brief window into what a shelf of Le Cain published in such a fashion might look like is gleaned from his fabulous Ancient Mariner, present here in the deluxe limited edition as well as in the extra-limited portfolio of plates.


Alas, artists cannot choose their time, but while the production of illustrated books in the later twentieth century did not have the accoutrements of the Golden Age, Le Cain’s illustrations more than make up the ground. This catalogue presents their full range, including original artwork from his first book, first editions of major works and a host of books affectionately inscribed by him for friends.


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