Catalogue 83: Illustrative Artwork

Everyone carries in their mind a favourite image from a picture book or a dustjacket design, be they iconic drawings such as those from the pen of E.H. Shepard who immortalised Winnie the Pooh, Faith Jacques’s depiction of Charlie Bucket stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, or a magical vision of fairies and goblins from a juvenile fairy tale book. Not surprisingly illustrative artwork has a strong following among collectors of both illustrated books and art. Whether bought for nursery walls or a library wall these familiar images rarely fail to bring a smile to the lips.


Our latest catalogue offers a range of original book illustrations spanning the past century. Illustrated in full colour. Wraparound cover design from a drawing by Annie French. Highlights include original Winnie the Pooh drawings by E.H.Shepard, Arthur Rackham paintings and impressive watercolours from Kay Nielsen. Other artists featured include BB, Jessie M. King, Charles Folkard, Florence Harrison, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, Errol Le Cain and Faith Jacques. 

Items in this catalogue are original drawings or paintings rather than prints, making each piece unique.

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